Hringa means making rings in Icelandic. It can also mean things going around in circles. Inga R. Bachmann jewellery designer is the owner of Hringa Jewellery Design. She graduated from jewellery design in Barcelona, Spain in 2005 and after returning back home to Iceland she worked for another jeweller until she opened her own store in November 2008.

Inga says that she likes to take things out of context in her designs
and seeks inspirations from the city live, her time in Barcelona
and inevitably from the Icelandic nature and sea.


As the name Hringa indicates we use recycled precious metals, which means we do not buy metals from mining companies. We believe that recycling metals in the jewellery industry is the most important step
we can take in protecting the environment. Furthermore, Hringa only procures fair trade or laboratory grown stones.

The design of the store is also thought out to be environmentally friendly, all the furniture and jewellery display cases are beautiful second hand Icelandic and Scandinavian pieces.

The store is located in the main shopping street in Reykjavík, Laugavegur 33.

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